eggbug. did you know cohost released merchandise before community guidelines? they didn't even make any money off of it.

additional instructions for cohost users.

in discussions surrounding cohost's community guidelines, the cohost community was needlessly cruel towards child sexual assault survivors who find solace in media depicting underage sex and sexual relationships, specifically lolicon and cub artists.

during that time they accused us of being inconsiderate towards other survivors, abuse enablers and apologists, and predators ourselves. they wished us death, encarceration and sterilization. they likened fiction to child sexual abuse material, which they referred to as "child pornography," despite the fact that such materials are not pornographic and only exist through the exploitation of real children. they used their financial influence to threaten staff, to which staff folded, and this behavior became so severe that users who dislike this media also expressed discomfort.

overwhelmingly, they said "this does not affect me."

it does now.

please apologize for participating in the cohost community, who centered their discomfort instead of standing in solidarity with survivors such as myself, before using my code. this is required of cohost users for all free code and templates i share.

fellow child sexual assault survivors are not exempt. several such survivors mocked us the same, and your continued use of cohost despite this makes you complicit.

disparaging comments will be recorded and publicized, as they further reflect the cohost community. cohost users found to not have apologized before using my code will be publicly shamed.

lolicon and cub artists and csam survivors affected by this are encouraged to use this space to vent their frustration over this and similar treatment. for what it's worth, "psychic damage" is when you read through an unmoderated comment section full of vitriol and realize they are talking about you.

thanks for using cohost!


by submitting you affirm you are aware that this code was created by a kodocon artist and csam survivor, who was forced to create their own site after being banned, threatened and pressured off of social media platforms and communities who promised and then refused to deliver a safe space for survivors.

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